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True Grit Tattoo Parlor offers high quality tattoos and strives to meet your tattoo needs with sincerity and respect. Our tattoos are drawn for you in particular. We donít ďcut and pasteĒ from other flash or try to resell the same designs to later customers.  This way might take a little more time and discussion, but isnít quality artwork worth it? We offer mainly full custom design work, but can work from flash or just about any design youíd like to bring in. I donít want you to just be okay with your work, I want you to adore it.  

We run a small low hassle, no drama, and traditional tattoo parlor.  No piercing, No body jewelry, No bongs.  True Grit Tattoo Parlor has a comfortable environment with an old-fashioned feel unlike any other, which you really have to see to believe.  We typically work by appointment, but walk-ins are often available.   Of course, we are licensed by the Arkansas Health Dept., but we go beyond just what is required by law.  All our needles are new, as well as autoclave sterilized, and we use single service products to prevent cross contamination.  We practice Standard Precautions.  We keep regular third party spore test results on hand also.  Please feel free to ask any questions upon your visit.